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UN: Water central to global peace and development

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Civil Society Organizations actively participating in the discussion on the implementation of the access rights in Latin America and the Caribbean

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DRC carefully examining the situation in Burkina

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Mobilizing for our future: An interview with Action/2015

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The United Nations General Assembly and the Post-2015 agenda

Human Rights and the Post-2015 Agenda: Challenges and Prospects

  • Date: 24-25 November
  • Place: Pembroke College, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Manages: Faculty of Law, University of Oxford
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Through the call of civil society, a human tide rises against any idea of partition of Mali

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Cambodia at a crossroads: New laws would limit freedoms

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Asia: Regional summit calls for support to civil society amid crackdown

Beyond 2015 Copenhagen CSO Conference

  • Date: 13-14 November
  • Place: UN City, Copenhagen
  • Manages: Beyond 2015 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark - UN City in Copenhagen

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